About the Blog

Hello there! My name is Whitney and I am the writer of Along the Lines of Style.

     I teach Middle School Social Studies and coach the Middle School cheer squad. My job requires that I take on all kinds of roles. In my classroom alone, I’m the CEO, mentor, cheerleader, therapist, lecturer, researcher, creative director, head of marketing and finance, party planner, organizer, actress, presenter, scheduler, tech department, supplier, human resources department, communications specialist, and counselor. On occasion, I’m a singer and dancer, but I will spare you those visuals. (Read more about my teaching philosophy here)
      Teachers are expected to dress appropriately and professionally, but also have the challenge of dressing comfortably. Also, teachers aren’t making bank, so they have a budget to consider. I think that all of these factors cause many teachers to fall into what has best been described as the teacher frump. You know what I’m talking about—we’ve all had those teachers. When I became a teacher, I made a vow to never fall victim to those awful vests, ill-fitting-high-rise linen pants, and orthotics sandals. I promised myself that I would work hard to reflect my individual style, no matter how tempting the grandma chic trend became. The school at which I work has a pretty strict/formal dress code, which limits my sartorial freedoms. I struggled at the beginning to find my identity with a personal style, but, as they say, practice makes perfect.
And...I am still practicing.

     Along the Lines of Style focuses a lot on building a working wardrobe that transitions from college to the "professional world." when I became a teacher, the dress code requirements for my daily life changed drastically from that of my college wardrobe, but I still wanted to look young and reflect my personal style. My blog chronicles that evolution and change in how I view myself in terms of style both professionally and socially...and you'll also see how I incorporate my "teacher wardrobe" into my "off duty" looks, and you'll also see how I incorporate trends into my professional dress code.

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      It is my goal that my blog serves as a realistic and relatable source of inspiration for women in professional jobs and dress codes. This blog serves to chronicle my sartorial journey to stay en vogue while still maintaining a sensible budget...and all the stories along the way.

     Obviously, I take my daily life very seriously and I commit wholeheartedly to who I am as a teacher--but this blog is an escape. And I love doing it.

I love hearing your questions and comments! Feel free to email me at alongthelinesofstyle(at)gmail (dot)com.